Arora by Roma was established in 2014 by Roma Azmat. Roma wanted to give women a fashion line and style that compliments their lifestyle like no other brand has ever done and to make sure that our women truly embrace the essence of their style and lead the way.

Whether made consciously or not, clothing choices signal a great deal of information about each individual shopper. And Arora by Roma just knows and understands how each woman shops for clothes, where she looks for fashion inspiration, and what qualities are most important when buying a new garment.

By providing the latest ready to wear garments across Pakistan, Arora by Roma has become known among women of all ages.

Arora was envisioned by a young girl, Roma Azmat, as a solution to the growing demand for fast fashion by the Pakistani woman. No wonder Roma just began with the western collection, but, over time, she expanded her business, and introduce a new product line i.e. eastern clothing.

Today, her ready-to-wear womenswear brand provides fresh stock and designs she has put her heart and soul in.