Green is the coolest color of nature. Everyone loves to have a taste or touch of Green in their lives one way or the other. The industry of fashionable apparels and clothing for women has always showed a major contribution of this color in the different styles of garments produced for females locally as well as internationally. In our country, Green color holds a special place in the hearts of the people as it represents a beautiful and ideal image of our national flag. The females therefore tend to choose their dresses having a certain amount of Green in them not only because of its national significance but also due to the freshness as well as the cooler impression that is imparted by it. In the trendy world of apparels and clothing for women, there are various brands working efficiently in order to produce fashion wear that is not only newer in style but also has a glamorous utilization of colors. In Pakistan, AroraByRoma is an online clothing store for women that is innovating the old concepts of apparel designing in a very victorious manner. Arora has launched a beautiful and charming collection of Green Kurtas to wear in the hot season of summer.

A perfect contribution of two traditional colors has been introduced to the local clothing market for women by Arora that presents an elegant touch of Green and White carefully managed in the beautiful fabric. This Kurta has a comfortable feel to the skin as well as to the eyes and it also portrays the peaceful image of nature by printing Black birds on the shirt which makes the whole Kurta an entirely new trend setter. This design has gathered a lot of attention from the young ladies and is available at the online store of Arora to be ordered.

There is another Kurta that has been recently launched by Arora and has gathered a lot of attention from the females belonging to all age groups living in the country. The specialty of this Kurta is that it has been made with a whole new concept of fabric designing known as digital printing. The digital printing is an advanced technique by the help of which we can simply select a design or color for the fabric and have it printed right down on the stylish shirts. This Kurta holds a perfect blend of Green color with an artistic texture that covers the whole Green front of the shirt. The sleeves carry a darker shade of the same color while the border is carefully managed with other textures to give a contrast with the Green. The digital printed collection is being liked by the young girls as well as mature women and is gathering the attention of the whole local clothing market.

Arora is establishing its importance in the world of fashion with an ease of allowing people to buy and order garments online. The experience of shopping has never been this much exciting before. Happy shopping!

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