Golden color is one special color shade that is considered as the symbol of a charming aura. When it comes to furniture we turn our heads to golden, when it comes to personalization devices likes laptops, phones etc. we prefer to take the golden one, even when it is about automobiles such as cars and bikes we tend to opt for this charming color. However, the time has taken a shift towards a lifestyle that enables us to live our desires in as much detail as we want. The thirsty urge for the gold has made its beautiful spark in the world of Apparel and clothing. People are setting forward their ideas full of demands to have the dresses which hold a careful abundance of golden in them.

Various brands have utilized brains to produce fashion wear articles especially for females as they happen to carry the greatest influence to the apparel market. A lot of designs have been introduced to the market for women living in the country which attained a positive status among the ladies belonging to all tastes and ages. The dresses launched in the market have fine use of color as well as a delightful style to glow. In Pakistan, a magnificently charming and unique collection of Kurtas has been recently launched under the brand name AroraByRoma which has an online clothing store for women. There fashion wear has gathered a lot of crowd to adore it and the designs worth a big shot.

Plain & Calm touch of Goldenplain-calm-touch-of-golden

This Kurta has a very cool blend of a lighter shade of gold that spreads throughout the whole Kurta. The lighter impression is balanced with a bold print of snake skin in the form of large patches in the same shade used for the plain blend. The style is highly eye catching and is mesmerizing to feel. The fabric used has a comfortable feel to the skin and it does not lose its color or wears off. This Kurta is catching a lot of attention from the females both young and mature. The most important factor is that the lighter shade makes a lot of possibilities to match with different styles as well as colors of the bottom wears.

Crystalline Sparkle of Goldcrystalline-sparkle-of-gold

This fancy design Kurta has a beautiful and bold expression to suit the demands of young girls majorly. It holds a sparkling print of golden crystals spreading throughout the front of the Kurta. This whole texture shines from a Black background and the upper half of the shirt contains light shades of pink to impart a bold and sharp look. The young ladies like this idea and are turning their attentions to get it as soon as they can.


Arora has successfully developed a unique impression in the hearts and minds of the people to raise different as well as charming standards of fashion in the field of women apparels and clothing. There online clothing store for women is working efficiently to cater the rapid needs of women in terms of clothing wear. Good luck with easy shopping!

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