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Stylish Summer Wears For Young Girls

Girls always prefer to wear trendy stuff because they are conscious than anyone else with respect to maintaining style statement. Whether it is something of jewelry stuff or hand bags and above all when it comes to the apparels, this is the only thing they can’t ever compromise on. The university or college going girls always look for something unique which could make them stand out of the crowd. However it happens rarely that they could find a unique stuff for themselves in order to look stylish.multicolor-frock-style-kurta

Moreover, the effects of weather also create a great trouble in picking and choosing of the right clothing. These days the trend of Kurtas has gone viral and that’s the reason it is available in a variety of colors as well as designs. Keeping in mind the concerns of young girls, here we have presented a cool collection of summer wears:

Multicolor frock style kurta

This kurta has been made into a very cool style having pleats at the mid part of belly which gives it a very smooth flow. The color combination is excellently balanced in which the background is light in color i.e. off white and cool girlish stuff motifs are scattered all over its surface. All of these motifs are differently colored in contrast to the ground. The neck has been made into a very sleekly designed half collar. You can wear it with a stylish pair of jeans or trendy tights as well as capris.

Funky spectacles kurta

Here is a very cutely designed kurta for young girls especially the ones who prefer to wear themed kurtas designed in a funky manner. A simple and most attractive article for especially university going girls has been designed elegantly with white background sprinkled all over with colorful spectacles motifs. The unique thing of this kurta is that it has medium sized pockets at the lower ends and the collar has been designed with a zip diagonally as well as vertically stitched. You can wear it with a cool pair of jeans or even tights to have a stylish look.

Frock style floral kurtafrock-style-floral-kurta

A very modishly designed kurta in frock style glorified with the use of refreshing green color in the form of leaves twisting and wrapping around small clusters of flowers. This kurta has been made with the integration of modern trend with the traditional and can be worn with a tulip trouser, shalwaar, jeans as well as tights. The smart cut of this kurta makes one look smart and trendy. The stuff used for it is so soft and skin friendly that ensures to keep you cool all day long even in intense hot summer.

Flimsy look kurta

As the name suggests, this kurta is made into a fragile material but strong enough to stay long time with you. The kurta is purely a summer thing when everyone wants to wear such a dress which is loose, soft and airy. The use of light colors and natural motifs enhance its look and it can be worn with trousers, jeans and even a cool pair of tulip trousers.

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