Colors depict the personality and the way of thinking which varies from person to person. Some people like dark and dull colors while others like light and bright colors. It is not only relevant to your choice but also with the state of a person’s mind. When it comes to the selection of colors with respect to apparels, where it becomes a difficult task to select the right color to wear, it also matters that what the color you will be wearing depict about your personality. So here we have decided to help you in resolving this confusion:

1.     Red

Red color is the color of warmth and depth influencing your personality in an energetic manner. Wearing red distinguishes you among the crowd as a powerful person having an intellect to think about different things in depth. Not only that but it is also a symbol of affection for the ones who you are closely related to. Different tones of red convey different messages. The more dull red it will be, the warmer its influence will be. So this color is suitable to wear mostly in winter season.

2.     Blue

Blue- It is the second name of professionalism. Indeed the essence of this color has more relevancies with formality and that’s why people choose this color more to wear in offices as well as in meetings. Blue color depicts a combination of warmth and cool effect which creates a balance in your personality. That’s the reason wearing this color lets you enjoy perfection in all aspects and at all events.

3.     Green

Green color even if imagined, it produces cool refreshing effect on a person’s brain. It is basically a complete package of refreshing moods and makes you stay lively all the time. All hues of green color have the same affect and one can wear it whenever wants to feel fresh and cool. It is perfect to wear especially during hot weather.

4.     Yellow

Yellow color owns the second name as ‘The color of life’. The essence of this color lets one love life full of joy and freshness as wearing it has a great impact on the mood of a person. It clears mind and heart by relaxing a person out of routine stress as well as depression. It lets one breathe more refreshingly than in routine which is the reason behind the feeling of pleasure one gets after wearing it.

5.     Orange

Orange is another perfect combination of warmth and cool essence with more inclination towards liveliness. Its different shades have diversified effects on a personality. Light shades makes one feel fresh and cool while dark hues of orange lets one enjoy the feel of being energetic as well as confident. This color can be selected to wear in both summer and winter seasons.

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